Ophtha+ is a clinic and hospital management software ophthalmology surgeon doctors.


  • Reception : Appointment, Followup, Patient Profile Registration
  • OPD : Vital Signs, Complaints, Medical History, Correction/New Glass Lens, Vision, Findings, Glaucoma, Fundus, Contact-Lens, A-Scan, Lasik, Test, Investigation, Findings, Provisional Diagnosis, Prescription, Patient History Reports, Image Gallery
  • IPD : Admission, Operative Notes, Discharge Summary
  • Account : OPD Receipt, IPD Advance Receipt/Bill Receipt, IPD Bill, Expense Managment
  • Certificates : Fitness, Sickness, Referring, Customized
  • SMS : General (Birthday, Manual)
  • Administration : User Management, Data Backup & Restore, OPD and IPD Summarized Reports, Masters